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Friday, 27 October, 2017

Meta Corporate Restructuring


Meta Corporate Restructuring


Meta is in the process of restructuring its operations with the objective of fostering global competitiveness, improving customer service, and ensuring the flexibility required for dynamic, future growth.


For over 33 years, Meta has been providing 3D laser vision systems for welding automation applications that help welders do a better job. Meta’s restructuring was undertaken to make its operations more competitive on a world-wide basis and to position itself positively for future growth.


Beginning immediately, the company’s operations in the UK will become Meta VS Ltd. and the main function of this very specialised group in Oxford will be to serve as the company’s new global, R&D centre. Meta’s wholly owned subsidiaries Meta Vision Systems Inc. in Canada, Meta Vision Systems USA Inc. in the USA and Meta Scout GmbH in Germany will continue to serve customers as sales and support centres in their respective regions. Meta VS will partner with RDC Group PLC in China to fulfill all of the company’s global production needs. RDC has been Meta’s exclusive distributor in China for a number of years. With this new agreement, RDC has undertaken a major expansion and is constructing a new, state-of-the-art facility in Yantai, China to meet the expected demand for Meta product.


While much of the future research and development efforts will be focused on new sensor development, the company expects to continue innovative development of specialised measurement technology for the tube and pipe, automotive, and advanced nuclear manufacturing industries. It is anticipated that as manpower and resources are added, development of such cutting-edge technology will take place at Meta’s R&D centre in Oxford, UK as well as with business partners in Yantai, China and in Seoul, Korea.


This restructuring is about accelerating our growth strategy. And it’s about driving long term change to further establish Meta as the global leader for 3D laser sensor technology. As we drive this transformation forward, there is extraordinary opportunity ahead. We expect to emerge as a more productive company with broader reach and sharper execution. Our goal is simple: we will ensure our customers and business partners understand the multitude of products and services Meta can provide while reaffirming our commitment to excellence in product design, usability, reliability, and support. We thank our customers and business partners for their patience and continued support during this period of restructuring.